Please notify the Benefits Department within 31 days of your marriage.  A recent marriage creates a new benefit window for you to make changes to your benefits. Please contact right away to discuss which benefits to assign to your new spouse.

Updates in Workday:

Log in to your account at

  • Under the “Personal Information” button you will be able to update your address, emergency contact information, and legal name (a copy of the new Social Security card must be attached when changing legal name).  Questions?
  • Under the “Pay” button you will be able to update your federal withholding elections.  Questions?
  • Under the “Benefits” button you can add your new spouse as a dependent (when doing so, please check the box to also make them a beneficiary).  Questions?

Other Updates:

Add your spouse to your Fidelity account: If you have an HSA or FSA, you’ll need to add your new spouse as a dependent and beneficiary online at Fidelity since changes in Workday do not automatically update Fidelity.  Sign into the Fidelity site at to add your beneficiary information.

Life Insurance:  Be sure your beneficiaries and/or trusts are accurate in Workday by clicking on the “Benefits” button and then selecting “Beneficiaries.”  This will allow you to view and edit the current list of names.  Once that is complete, please send your specific primary and contingent beneficiary designation choices to

401(a) and 403(b) Retirement Accounts:  Sign into and select “Profile,” then select the link “Beneficiaries” to add your beneficiaries for both accounts.  If no beneficiary is listed at Fidelity, your spouse will become the beneficiary or the accounts will go to your estate.