Work/Life Events

Important Note: You can make changes to your benefits due to a Qualifying Event only within 31 days of that event. After 31 days, you will have to wait until the next Open Enrollment period to make changes to your benefits elections.

Your eligibility for benefits changes based on the work/life events linked on the left. These are known as Qualifying Events, which include:

  • Marriage, legal separation, or divorce
  • Birth, adoption, or legal custody change of a dependent child
  • Death of a dependent
  • A change of employment status that affects benefits coverage
  • A change in eligibility for you or your dependents
  • An involuntary loss of other group coverage

See the links on the left for more information about how your benefits change based on your changes in your work and life stages.

Want to view your benefits, change your home address, find your payslips or W-2s, or change other personal information?

Login to Workday to complete these changes.

View or Change Your Personal Information
Active employees of The Navigators should use the Personal Information button in Workday at any time to update contact information (home address, phone, email), emergency contacts, and your demographics.

Please contact for an employee name change.

Retirees and former employees will need to contact to update all contact information.

View or Change Your Benefits and Beneficiaries
You may change your medical, dental, and vision elections only during Open Enrollment in November of each year, unless you have experienced a qualifying change in family status (see links to the left).

Active employees of The Navigators can use the Benefits button in Workday at any time to view your elections as well as update your dependent and beneficiary demographic information.

To update your life insurance beneficiaries in Workday, please follow these steps:
1. Click your name in the upper right hand corner
2. Choose “View Profile” from the menu
3. Click the “Actions” button below your picture and name
4. Choose/click “Benefits” from the menu
5. Choose “Beneficiary Changes for Life Insurance” in the Benefit Event Type and enter today’s date
6. Click “Submit” and then click “Open” to start making your election changes
7. Please designate your Primary beneficiary(ies), and you have the option to select Contingent beneficiaries as well
8. Remember to “Continue” and “Submit” your changes

To update your 401(a) and 403(b) retirement plan beneficiaries, please log in to your Fidelity account at

Retirees and former employees will need to contact for more information on continuation of benefits.

Payslips and Tax Forms
Active employees of The Navigators should use the Pay button in Workday to view and change federal and state withholding elections, view and download paystubs, and view and download tax forms:  W-2 and 1095-C.

Retirees and former employees will need to contact for more information on payslips and tax forms.