Medical & Pharmacy

The Navigators has a self-funded Health Plan, which means that we pool premium contributions from our members to pay the medical and pharmacy claims of our Navigator family. We partner with Aetna International to administer our claims and provide member customer service.

Please see the links below for more information about premium costs and what the health plan covers.

 Benefits overview with 2021 Rates

Overseas Subsidy Rates
Welcome to your health plan
Medicare Pt. D Creditable Coverage Disclosure Notice

Welcome to Aetna International

Aetna customer service center and member websites

The Aetna International Member Service Center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you with any questions that you have regarding your plan. Simply call 855-829-9558 (toll-free) or 813-775-0449 (direct) or email

  • Estimate your health care costs with the Member Payment Estimator tool before seeking treatment
  • Find U.S. health care professionals and facilities that participate in your plan using DocFind
  • View detailed claim status and Explanation of Benefits (EOB) statements

  • Look up international providers
  • Request direct settlement to avoid filing a claim
  • File a claim and submit supporting documentation

Product and program information

Within these electronic member materials, you will find valuable information on the programs and services available to you as an Aetna International member. Please read through these materials to learn about your international plan and how to use your benefits.*

*Please consult your plan documents listed at the bottom of this page for a complete description of your benefits and coverage.

Have a denied claim from Aetna that you are curious about? See how to troubleshoot denied claims here.

Aetna International Plan Documents

Summary of Material Modifications 2017

1. Regular (Choice POS II)plan for US Field Staff and US HQ
Summary of Benefits and Coverage – Aetna Choice POS II
Supplemental Information – Aetna Choice POS II
Colorado Supplement to SBC – Aetna Choice POS II

The Navigators Summary Grid (CPOSII HDHP-HSA- Plans EA-EC) 2021

The Navigators Schedule of Benefits (Int’l PPO HDHP-HSA) 2019

2. Internationalplan for Overseas Field Staff
Summary of Benefits and Coverage – International
Supplemental Information – Aetna Open Choice PPO HDHP-HSA
Colorado Supplement to SBC – Aetna Open Choice PPO HDHP-HSA

The Navigators Summary Grid (Int’l PPO HDHP-HSA- Plans HA-HC) 2021

The Navigators Schedule of Benefits (Int’l PPO HDHP-HSA) 2019