Fitting Preventive Care Into Your Schedule

As Benjamin Franklin once said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This saying is true when it comes to your health. Keeping your blood pressure, weight, cholesterol, and other markers at healthy levels can help prevent serious conditions such as stroke, heart attack, and diabetes.

It is sometimes difficult to fit preventive care into your busy schedule, especially if you are serving overseas and might not have a primary care doctor. Aetna is hoping to help by opening its first health clinic in the Nichada district of Thailand. The Aetna Family Clinic now offers primary care as well as consultations with specialists as needed, all coordinated through your insurance plan. Aetna hopes to open additional clinics in Thailand and other areas in the future.

You can read more about The Aetna Family Clinic by clicking here. To look up your recommended Preventive Health Schedule, go to and click on Stay Healthy>Health Information Tools.