Work/Life Solutions

3 ways to get support when you need it

When you’re juggling work demands and your personal life, finding the right balance can be challenging. Sometimes you can use a hand. Whether you need a little help tackling personal problems, finding local resources, or just managing life’s hectic pace, we’ve got you covered. Your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is full of confidential resources — and it’s all available to you at no additional cost. Not even a copay.

1. EAP: Confidential assistance at no cost

Your EAP provides confidential resources for child care, financial or legal advice, and counseling for troubling personal concerns. If you need help finding local resources, the EAP can connect you with attorneys, financial professionals, or child/elder care facilities. If you are looking for guidance through personal problems, the EAP can refer you to local counselors who can see you in person (within the US) as well as to support groups and other behavioral health resources near you. No matter what help you’re seeking, these services are completely confidential. To reach out for EAP assistance, call the Aetna International Member Service Center at (855) 829-9558.

2. iConnectYou: Your EAP on the go

If you are outside of the United States when you need assistance, you can access your EAP through the iConnectYou app on your portable device or mobile phone. This app gives you secure, confidential access to clinical counselors and work-life experts. You’ll be able to connect to a professional by phone, instant message, text (SMS) or video chat.

To get started:
Download the app by searching for “iConnectYou” in the App Store or Google Play store. Enter one of the following passcodes to complete your registration:
• Canada: AetnaCan
• Cayman Islands: AetnaCay
• United Kingdom: AetnaUK
• Dubai: AetnaDub
• China: AetnaChi
• Singapore: AetnaSng
• Hong Kong: AetnaHK

3. Self-help resources through myStrength™

You’re also empowered to boost your emotional health using the myStrength website and mobile app. These confidential, clinically proven self-help resources offer:
• Insight through articles, videos and eLearning programs
• Inspirational quotes
• Mood tracking
• Check-in reminder option

How to get started:
Register online for your free account at You can also download the myStrength app:
1. Search for “myStrength” in the iTunes or Google Play store
2. Select “Sign up”
3. Enter “naexpats” under the “Payer Code” field

For more information on EAP, iConnectYou, and myStrength, call the Aetna International Member Service Center at (855) 829-9558.