403(b) Employer Contributions

NEW! Your EMPLOYER-PAID RETIREMENT BENEFITS will be moving. Previously, this benefit was paid into the 401(a) Basic Retirement Account.

Effective January 2021, your 5.5% retirement benefits paid by The Navigators will be contributed into your 403(b) Supplemental Retirement Account. Contributions and rollovers INTO the 401(a) will no longer be permitted.

Investment and withdrawal rules within the 401(a) will stay the same. This means the money within the 401(a) will stay invested and you may change those investments at any time using the investment lineup The Navigators have provided. If you are interested in removing the money from your 401(a) you must be eligible for a withdrawal. Your access to the 401(a) remains the same in your Fidelity account at www.netbenefits.com

The 403b Basic retirement plan is a savings vehicles we use to contribute to your retirement savings.  After working one year, in which you work 1000 hours, you will be automatically be added to this plan (it is required) and you will begin receiving an amount equal to 5.5% of your income into your personal account.

Eligibility for Participation in the Retirement Plans
Basic Retirement Plan Notice to Employees

You can confirm your enrollment in the 403(b) by visiting your Benefits tab on Workday and by visiting your Fidelity account at www.netbenefits.com.  Please contact Benefits@navigators.org for any questions on the 403(b) plan.

Need to make an eligible distribution from your 403 (b)? Contact Fidelity at 800.343.0860 to get started!