LHRA / Combination HRA

The Limited Health Reimbursement Account (LHRA), also known as the Limited HRA or Combination HRA, is a run-out account with the remainder of your money from the 2013 HealthFund.  This account will be terminated on 12/31/2019 with no grace period, and The Navigators’ funds allocated to you will be used for other Health Plan needs.  You can view your account balance online at your Optum account.

Contact Information for Optum Consumer Services:
877.470.1771 Available 24/7

Submitting a Claim to the LHRA:
During 2019, you will be able to submit all eligible claims back to 01/01/2014 for reimbursement.  You will not be able to submit any claims after 12/31/19.

In order to be reimbursed, please submit a Combination HRA Reimbursement Claim Form along with accompanying receipts, bills, and Explanation of Benefits (EOB) documents.  Your forms can be submitted via email to optumclaims@prod.sourcehov.com or to the fax number or paper mail options on the form.

  • Dental or Vision Claims: You can use the LHRA to reimburse yourself or your immediate family members/tax dependents for dental claims (exams, cleanings, x-rays, fillings, crowns, orthodontia) and vision claims (exams, frames, glasses, contacts, LASIK).
  • Medical Claims: You can submit claims for coinsurance-only-medical bills (claims incurred after you have met your annual deductible and before you have met your out-of-pocket maximum). Any medical claims must also be submitted with the Combination HRA Deductible Verification Form.

If you believe you have an LHRA claim that was incorrectly processed by Optum or was filed as “Applied” instead of “Paid,” please email Benefits@navigators.org with your name, date of service of your claim, and the dollar amount (and mention that it was “Applied”), and we will work with Optum to have them reprocess and pay the claim.

Your current balance will roll forward until 12/31/2019.  Your LHRA will automatically close if you withdraw from the Aetna medical plan.