Disability & Long Term Care

Financial protection for you and your family for an unexpected (or expected) illness or injury provides peace of mind.  We have worked with The Standard to provide these plans to you on the first day of the month following your date of hire or hour increase.

Short Term Disability Overview
Group Short Term Disability Benefit Program – The Standard

Long Term Disability Overview
Group Long Term Disability Insurance – The Standard

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) flyer

Workplace Possibilities Program (Ergonomic, etc.)

Once eligible, you are automatically enrolled in The Navigators Basic Long Term Care policy to provide you with financial protection if you become chronically ill.  “Chronic illness” is defined as the inability to perform two or more Activities of Daily Living (as defined in the plan document) in addition to requiring substantial care and supervision due to severe cognitive impairment (from something such as Alzheimer’s).

Long Term Care

In addition to the Basic Long Term Care policy, you may choose to add Supplemental Long Term Care for enhanced financial protection with options for increasing facility benefits and/or longer benefit durations.  These choices require a medical underwriting process and are paid for by you.  Please visit the UNUM website for more information, including rates and applications, to complete your enrollment:  http://unuminfo.com/navigators/index.aspx