Expecting a Baby?

The Aetna Maternity Program is provided free to you through The Navigators Health Plan. You can learn about:

  • Early labor symptoms 
  • What to expect before and after delivery 
  • Newborn care and more.

Extra help for at-risk pregnancies

If you have a health condition or other risk that could affect your pregnancy, the Aetna Maternity Program provides extra help. Nurse case managers will work with you to help manage risks such as high blood pressure or gestational diabetes. If you’re at risk for early labor, you’ll have extra support to understand the symptoms and what treatment options are available. If you need help after delivery, you can receive follow-up calls, depression screening, or support for lactation and breastfeeding.

Sign up to get started

You can sign up by calling 1-800-CRADLE-1 (1-800-272-3531), weekdays from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. ET. Or log in to your member website at aetna.com, and look under “Stay Healthy.”