Remember to check if your doctor is In-Network

The Navigators Health Plan uses Aetna’s POSII network to achieve a discount on health care. Staying in-network reduces the amount you pay as well as the overall costs to our plan, thus keeping our premiums lower as well.

Before you visit a doctor or facility, remember to check if the provider is in-network. When you’re in the US, you can do this online at under Find Care after you log-in. You can also ask the provider when you make your appointment. Have your ID card handy when you call.

If you are overseas and need care beyond a simple office visit, scheduling direct settlement ahead of time will reduce your up-front cost and eliminate needing to file a claim. To do this, go to and log in. Select I’m looking for a healthcare provider and enter the country and city closest to you. Click the Apply for direct settlement button. You can then schedule your appointment with the provider as usual.